Calibration & Test Site

In an era when the number of Earth-observing satellites is rapidly growing and measurements from these sensors are used to answer very important global questions, it is understandable that scientists and decision makers rely on the accuracy of Earth-observing data products. The characterization and calibration of these sensors are necessary to achieve an integrated global observation system for coordinated and sustained observations of Earth.

AccuEarth Calibration Site

AccuEarth Calibration Site

The AccuEarth Calibration & Test (AE C&T) Site consists of 52 photoidentifiable and highly accurate ground control points (GCP) equally distributed over a 7 x 10 km field that covers the central Prague metropolitan area. Most of the points are grouped in clusters, which are usually 2-5 points collected within a realtively small area. The AE C&T Site is composed of 12 point clusters supplemented by 5 additional single ground control points. Last but not least all the points were distributed to form together the AccuEarth acronym (AE).

Like to know more? Please download our leaflet with further information or the Google Earth file with spatial distribution of the points. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us at

Watch the video what is the calibration site about