Data Validation

Independent Testing to Ensure Spatial Accuracy in Your GIS Data Set

From inventory management to underground utility locating, accurate geospatial data has never been more important. AccuEarth has the GIS tools to ensure the accuracy of field data as well as verify the accuracy of any pre-existing geospatial data sets. AccuEarth has access to more Ground Control Points (GCPs) than any other commercial outlet in the world, therefore, we have a unique master database to help facilitate our independent QA/QC.

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For verification of the spatial accuracy of aerial and satellite data, GIS layers, or elevation data (such as LiDAR, DEM, etc.), AccuEarth utilizes CompassAA™ and CompassTA™ map accuracy software, developed by our affiliate company CompassData. These verification tools are content enhancement solutions that automate map accuracy verification and eliminate manual processing, ensuring consistent quality control of geospatial products. In addition, AccuEarth is a provider of ground control survey of calibration targets used by satellite imagery providers.

Accuracy Shifts


CompassAA is a simple, fast, and complete workflow solution to verify the accuracy and quality of orthophotos. This software’s ease of use and concise summary reports, benefit the planner, producer, customer, or end user of orthophotos. With CompassAA you can prove you are creating, delivering, buying, or using the ‘best available data’ within minutes. Use CompassAA to meet accuracy standards, produce reports that authoritatively document products, verify internal data meet specs and meet requirements for accurate, reliable orthophotos.

CompassAA™ enables ortho producers to seamlessly deliver verified data to customers by offering the following benefits:

  • Streamlined Accuracy and QC: CompassAA is a comprehensive orthophoto verification and QC review tool.
  • Professional Documentation: Comprehensive reports from CompassAA support the accuracy and quality of products.
  • Differentiate Yourself from the Competition: Cost effectively verify that all ortho products meet specs and produce the standardized reports to prove it.
  • Compliance: Statistical results satisfy all major accuracy standards (NSSDA, ASPRS, NMAS, and MIL).
  • No Lost Time: Quickly installed and mastered, with CompassAA your team can implement and produce within hours.
  • Standalone: Does not depend on other software tools or platforms for implementation and operation.
  • Shared Analytics: Accuracy and QC results are easily understood by producers, customers, and users.
  • Understanding: Through effective methods, tools, and reports, users better understand product accuracy.
  • Intuitive and Dynamic: Easily mastered user interface for zooming, panning, and trail tracking controls.
  • Flexible: Options control, ancillary data loading, image chip generation, and more…

for more information you can download CompassAA White Paper written by Dr. Charles G. O'Hara and Anil Cheriyadat

sample CompassAA™ report to be downloaded from here


CompassTA™ automatically tests and verifies the accuracy of elevation data products. CompassTA™ lets you test LiDAR point cloud data, DEM data products, and other raster elevation data. With CompassTA™ you can make sure you are creating, buying, or using elevation data that meet your specifications and mapping needs. Start with CompassTA™ and add the LiDAR Testing Extension to provide a complete solution for LiDAR elevation data verification and quality control.

CompassTA™ enables elevation data producers, customers, and users to verify the accuracy and quality of the data by offering the following benefits:

  • Flexible Elevation Data Testing: Verify LiDAR point cloud data as well as raster DEMs and elevation data.
  • Differentiate Yourself from the Competition: Cost effectively verify that all elevation datum meet specs and produce the standardized reports to prove it.
  • Compliance: Load checkpoints with land cover type information to report accuracy per client requirements.
  • Automatic Results: Load reference X, Y, and Z data. Elevations from products are automatically extracted.
  • Standards-Based Reporting: Automatically document Fundamental Vertical Accuracy (FVA), SVAs, and CVA.
  • Scalable: Input tile layers then interact with and evaluate enormous LAS, DEM, Intensity, and Ortho data sets.
  • Extensible: Add the LiDAR Testing Extension to conduct exhaustive LiDAR testing and verification.
  • Adaptable: Use default settings for testing or adjust parameters based on project-specific requirements.

sample CompassTA™ report to be downloaded from here

more information about Compass V&V tools to be found at webpage.