AccuEarth offers high-level products and services in the airport mapping field to its clients. We offer end-to-end solutions ranging from field surveying, Ground Control Points,Digital Surface/Terrain Models creation, orthorectification of satellite imagery and extraction of precise airport mapping databases. Our products meet RTCA-DO-200A, 272C, and FAA AC 20-153A standards, assuring the quality of our data and their compliance for use in aeronautical products and services. Our database archive contains orthorectified imagery and DTM/DSM for more than 600 airports around the world. It also includes Ground Control Point collections for more than 300 additional airfields on all Earth's continents except for Antarctica.



A typical airport project workflow begins with Ground Control Points survey and imagery acquisition in the airport's surroundings. The data is then transferred back to the office, where it is checked, verified, post-processed and finally organized into standardized delivery packages.

Point selection
GCP in Pamplona, Spain
GCP close up image
GCP in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
station diagram
GCP in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Next steps are orthorectification and Digital Surface/Terrain Model creation. Thanks to our very accurate, centimetre-level GCPs, we achieve very precise products, that meetthe standards needed for various aeronautical applications. Our orthoimagery easily acheive 0.85 meter (RMSE) accuracies in position and elevation.

Orthorectified imagery of Salzburg airport

Our precise orthoproducts serve as a reliable base for Airport Mapping Databases (AMDB) extraction. The AMDB contain all necessary elements needed to compose complete airport map elements, sorted in individual polygon, line and point features. Apart from all markings, guidance lines or other navigational components, we put special emphasis on vertical obstructions in airport's perimeter as well as in a buffer zone around it.

AMDB: Zurich airport
AMDB: runway detail

AccuEarth provides the most comprehensive solution for all possible airport-related applications. Thanks to its vast archive of different airports and airfields around the globe, it represents a unique and simple to use source of such data. Visit our Archive and navigate through the database of our GCPs and ortho products.