AccuEarth s.r.o. is your ‘go-to’ supplier of new Ground Control Points (GCPs) all around the world. Located in Prague, the Czech Republic, AccuEarth’s well trained and well equipped surveyors have easy access to all of Europe. So far GCPs have been collected in 36 European countries.

Our skilled surveyors are deployed in the field where they obtain the GCP measurements using state-of-the-art GNSS equipment from Leica Geosystems. The GCPs are thoroughly QC’d and processed in the home office; data is checked, verified, post-processed and organized into standardized delivery packages.


In the past, AccuEarth has surveyed more than 2600 Ground Control Points for the Hexagon Imagery Program (HXiP). This program is comprised of 1-degree aerial image data collection (latitude/longitude), country-wide coverage. Surveying good photo-identifiable GCPs over such large areas is challenging. AccuEarth has mastered the requirement and has surveyed all of Belgium, Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary. Denmark and Sweden have been partially surveyed.

Our skilled surveyors are deployed in the field and using state-of-the-art GNSS equipment from Leica Geosystems, they execute the GCP measurements. When the field part of the follection is done, data are checked, verified, post-processed and finally orginized into standardized delivery packages.

Point selection
GCP close up image
GCP in Pamplona, Spain


Apart from HXiP surveys mentioned above, AccuEarth has completed many projects around Europe. We now offer a dense coverage in southern and western Europe, constantly growing our worlds largest GCP archive. In recent years, high density of ground control points around the most European cities were surveyed to support various applications.